Desperate Trump Tells Supporters To Start Making False Sexual Accusations Against Obama (VIDEO)

The comments from Barack and Michelle Obama condemning Trump for his comments and actions towards women have clearly gotten to him. One day after Michelle gave what many considered to be a legacy-defining speech on the dangerous of Trump’s misogyny, and mere hours after her husband gave Trump and equally clear-eyed thrashing, Trump suggested to rally goers that maybe it was time for someone to start falsely accusing Obama of sexual assault.

“He’s talking about me like he knows me. I don’t know him, he doesn’t know me and why doesn’t some woman maybe come up and say what they say falsely about me, they could say about him. They could say it about anybody. They could say it about anybody. He better be careful because they could say it about anybody.”

That’s the Republican nominee inviting women on stage to fabricate sexual assault lies about the President of the United States. That really just happened.

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The timing was particularly telling, as well. As Trump held the rally, another one of Trump’s alleged victims had come forward. At a press conference, Summer Zervos said she had experienced what many other woman had reported. She claimed Trump groped her and forcibly kissed her in 2007 – just a couple of years after Trump bragged about doing so to women in his infamous conversation with Billy Bush.

Taken at face value, Trump is apparently clueless as to why at least seven women have spoken on the record about the groping and unsolicited sexual contact but a similar scandal hasn’t embroiled Obama. The obvious answer is that there is something to the claims made against Trump and absolutely no evidence to suggest Obama had behaved similarly throughout his life.

Trump, of course, managed to once find the very worst possible defense of his actions. Rather than rebuke the claims with evidence – which he claims he has but won’t release – he is asking his fans to muddy the waters by inciting false claims about Obama. If one of his fans, many of whom have shown a willingness to check their dignity on the way onto the Trump Train, were to take his suggestion, it would not disprove the women coming forward against Trump. It would simply be one more way Trump has shown that he has no interest in actually helping survivors of sexual assault, but merely wants to use these crimes as a weapon against his enemies.

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