Desperate Republicans Try Reviving Failed Tea Party Wacko To Take Reid’s Senate Seat

Guess who’s back, America: Sharron Angle has filed to run for US Senate in Nevada just ahead of the deadline. Angle lost to Harry Reid, who is retiring this year, by about 40,000 votes in 2010. This was in a year where Republicans won the gubernatorial election and two out of three Congressional seats in the same state.

It should say something about Angle that as much as Republicans despise Harry Reid, part of the reason she lost her bid for her seat was that Republicans hated her at least as much. Angle had a 31-52 favorability rating among Republicans in 2011.

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Her insane and slightly unhinged commentary on a wide range of topics might be one reason why. During her 2010 campaign, Angle told Latino school students that they “look a little more Asian to me.” She endorsed the use of the Second Amendment if voters failed to elect candidates conservative enough for her liking.

To avoid getting caught on camera spouting such inane rhetoric, Angle literally ran away from reporters at one point in her campaign. Sharia law and how to prevent it taking root in the US was a core part of her platform. Even after she lost in 2010, Angle has still been around, most notably on the CPAC speaking circuit.

But Republicans are understandably worried about her jumping in the race and have already made it clear they’re not helping her raise money to burn away on another fool’s errand of a campaign. And they have good reason to worry; Angle is running in a primary against popular GOP Congressman Joe Heck whose reputation in the state has brought the race into tossup territory for November.

The last thing the GOP needs is the return of a zombie Tea Party candidate, back from the dead to devour the brains of Nevada’s terrified thinking adult population. And Angle has done this before; her nomination in 2010 only came after a hotly contested primary with a more popular and mainstream Republican candidate. With “anti-establishment” one again being the only phrase the media can seem to utter during an entire 24-hour news cycle, Angle definitely has an opening.

Angle’s last-minute filing announcement of her candidacy has caught the political world completely by surprise; a few months ago the best-connected Republicans in Nevada were nearly certain it wasn’t going to happen. But there was clearly a movement of nutcases trying to make it happen and despite their gross lack of web design skills it looks like they’ve gotten what they wanted.

Even Mitch McConnell isn’t thrilled about the idea of an Angle candidacy, knowing full well what will happen if the crazies come out again, this time in a presidential election year. The GOP is desperate to save its majority in the Senate in the face of outrage from the American people. Republicans in the Senate have deliberately failed to do their job at even the most fundamental level, and they know Americans have had enough.

Aside from the obvious upside of Angle running (that she might get nominated and cost the GOP yet another election in a state where they should be able to pull out a win), there’s also the brilliant theater of another Angle campaign. I’ve missed the tea party ads of yore, I really have. Like this one that was so bad even Angle decided not to air it at the last second:


If that doesn’t bring a smile to your face, I’m not sure what will.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons

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