Desperate Cruz Still Looking For Back Door To Republican Nomination (VIDEO)

Texas Senator Ted Cruz could be looking to jump back into the Republican presidential contest after getting slaughtered in Indiana by current Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

Trump’s expected to send a delegation to the Texas Convention with the goal of furthering his party unification efforts. However, Cruz is said to be sending some of his people to persuade delegates from throwing their support behind Trump.  It’s believed that Cruz wants to build a coalition going into the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this summer to contest the nomination.

We have a busy weekend planned,” a source familiar with the Cruz campaign told Politico.

Cruz has made hints recently that he may get back into the race if he sees a “path to victory,” and is expected to deliver a major speech at the Texas convention.

The senator also sent his state director Tyler Morris, to the convention.

And it seems that Texas will not be the only state Cruz intends to compete secretly with his billionaire rival.

Cruz has teams in eight other state conventions that are in the process of selecting delegates this week.  In fact, Nebraska, Nevada, Florida, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin will elect a total of 389 national delegates.

If Cruz still plans to force a contested convention, this weekend would be his best, if not only, chance to make it happen.

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Featured image attribution Scott Olson/Getty.

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