Deputy Harassed By Anti-Islam Group: Get Out Of Our Country

An anti-Muslim hate group as taken the urgings of a hateful Islamophobe to heart and is currently trying to get one Broward deputy sheriff fired – for the crime of being Muslim.

David Rosenthal has embarked on a fool’s errand to have Deputy Nezar Hamze fired, for “not renouncing Sharia law.” This would seem the equivalent to firing a Christian for not renouncing the 10 commandments, but that hasn’t stopped this virulent hatred from easily spreading among the Tea Party elite in Florida.

Deputy Nezar Hamze also happens to be the director of the local CAIR (Center for American Islamic Relations), which Rosenthal believes should disqualify him from any job in government, education or law enforcement.

Rosenthal claims that 50 people, including Tea Party Fort Lauderdale Founder Danita Kilcullen and Congressional Candidate Joe Kaufman, attended a rally to get the man fired and call for the Sheriff that hired him, Scott Isreal, to step down. If this was any other religion there would be no question that it is pure bigotry and hatred but, even in our highest levels of government, there are people who somehow believe that Islam is not covered by our First Amendment rights.

Rosenthal, and other loonies, are extremists who want to ban Islam from America. This is something that is about as Anti-American as wiping your fanny with the flag while preaching from Mein Kampf and screaming “Down With America” on the Fourth of July, but they don’t care.

While Rosenthal states that he really doesn’t necessarily support harming Muslims, he certainly “doesn’t want them around”:

I hate Islam. Islam is evil. Ideally, I would ban Islam in the United States.

Those that align with the Tea Party seem to actually be unable to recognize the irony their anti-Constitution rhetoric, considering that these same people probably show up at every “Support the Constitution” rally they can attend. Too bad they only support it when it protects them and their guns, not anyone else.

Radio host Joyce Kaufman, of 850-WFTL, has criticized the hiring of Hamze on her show and has written for to try to get the Sheriff and Deputy fired. Apparently, in her America, a religious jihad against other religions is fine — as long as it is Christians attacking Muslims that is.

Wilfredo Ruiz, an attorney who works with Hamze at CAIR Florida, spoke out against the rise of anti-Muslim rhetoric, and the need for it to be exposed as hate speech. He also made the point that Hamze is a dedicated deputy, who is being treated in an unfair manner:

Like him, thousands of other Muslims in America today are wearing the uniform. … I was, myself, a naval officer. Nobody from a desk can tell me what patriotism is when I have worn my uniform.

These hate groups need to hear a strong response to their drivel, we the people reject their bigotry, period.

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