DEPLORABLE: Trump Wants To Ban Abortions And ‘Punish’ Women Who Get Them

When white liberals like Susan Sarandon passively brush off the election if it’s Clinton vs. Trump, they should get their head examined. The difference could not be more stark, and that difference was certainly highlighted in Donald Trump’s one-on-one interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

In case you missed it, the GOP frontrunner (who will most likely be the nominee), advocated for a ban on abortion and that “there has to be some form of punishment” for the women who get them.

Punishing women…for getting a Constitutionally protected abortion…in 2016. This is the Republican Party. It’s one thing to want to ban it – whether completely or in some circumstances – Trump didn’t specify – but it’s another to punish women.

Trump wasn’t quite sure what the punishment would be, (another vague policy position that sounds more like a talking point than an actual plan), but told Hayes that men shouldn’t be held responsible in the abortion decision. Typical Republican double standard – women will be damned and men are forgiven.

When questioned about Roe v. Wade, Trump answered vaguely that it’s a sensitive issue, but still held firm that “you have to ban it.” He even admitted that women would seek back alley abortions (which can result in the death of the mother, infertility, and other health issues), but didn’t seem to care.

From Barbara Boxer to Hillary Clinton to Planned Parenthood, pro-choice politicians and activists alike lambasted Trump and the GOP for this backwards, dangerous view:

In an election that might be decided by women, Trump puts another nail in the GOP coffin. While some women may not support abortion, they certainly are not so cruel as to punish women who have no other way out.

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