Denis Leary Revamps A Classic And It Is AWESOME! ‘Trump’s An A**hole’ (VIDEO)

The late night TV shows have to be ecstatic with the material they’re being inundated with from the Trump camp.

Who can forget Denis Leary’s hilarious song, “I’m an a**hole?” It was hilarious from beginning to end. It took the life of an average guy who just didn’t care about anyone or anything but himself and glorified it, as though being an a**hole was something to be proud of.

That was back in the late 1980s or early 1990s. I remember loving the song not only because of the insanely funny lyrics but because of how incredibly easy it was to play on the guitar. I was such a hit at parties. Well, it’s been years since I’ve picked up that black Fender acoustic, but I do believe it may be time to whip it out and learn the new lyrics for the party in D.C. my friends and I are already planning for the night of Hillary Clinton’s inauguration. It shall deserve just such entertainment as we usher in a new era of Trumpless freedom.

Watch Leary and James Corden, who is a remarkably good singer, actually, bust out the new version of a timeless classic, “Trump’s an A**hole.”

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