Democrats Urging Criminal Investigations Into Violence At Trump Rallies

North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper is being urged by Democrats to file criminal charges against Donald Trump and his campaign for his conduct leading rally violence there.

The group, The Democratic Coalition Against Trump, wrote to Cooper, calling Trump’s actions during violence at this North Carolina rally inciting a riot and disorderly conduct.

In a press release, the group wrote:

“The Democratic Coalition Against Trump requested on Tuesday afternoon that criminal charges be pressed against Donald Trump and his campaign for inciting a riot and disorderly conduct, under the North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 14 Article 36A, as a result of the multiple assaults that occurred at the campaign’s Asheville rally on Monday, September 12th.”

There were several assaults during the rally, and at least one arrest, along with the shocking attack on a 69-year-old woman on oxygen after the conclusion of the rally. Trump’s response to the assault that occurred during his rally is what the group believes makes Trump and his campaign criminally culpable.

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The group’s letter to the AG described the behavior:

As these attacks were occurring, instead of encouraging his supporters to halt in any violent acts, Donald J. Trump commented on the event that had just unraveled, remarking “Is there any place more fun to be than a Trump rally,” and giving the “thumbs-up” hand sign while his supporters sang “hey hey hey good-bye.”

We are all quite familiar with Trump’s short thumb, and his apparent profound enjoyment of violence by his supporters. It is about time that Trump paid the piper for his continuing support of violence by them. Sadly, it is unlikely that the Attorney General will file charges because the Democrat is currently running for re-election in a very purple state.

According to Ballotpedia, the Democratic Coalition Against Trump is run by Keep America Great PAC. That PAC was co-founded to oppose Trump by Nathan Lerner and Scott Dworkin, the latter worked on the Draft Joe Biden campaign. Their message to Democrats is not pro-Clinton, but rather anti-Trump and pro-Democratic. 

“If you don’t like Trump but aren’t excited about Clinton, your non-Trump vote keeps Trump out of the White House and helps Democrats in House and Senate races.”

It is unconscionable that Donald Trump continues to see violence at his rallies in the same way that a skinned-kneed 10-year-old views playground brawls, gleefully shouting “fight, fight, fight.” Though unlikely, groups like this help us hold out hope that he could finally be charged for his behavior.

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