Democrats In A Mad Dash To Exploit Trump And Win Back The House

Ever since Democrats lost the House in 2010, Republicans have held the country hostage. And that’s not a metaphor, they really have used the well-being of the American economy as a bargaining chip, threatening economic armageddon is Obama didn’t cave to their demands. Because liberals stayed home in 2010 and again in 2014, the House has become the equivalent of a loaded gun and House Republicans are the five year old waving it around like a toy.

But with the extreme gerrymandering Republicans put into place, there was no way to wrest control away from the irresponsible lunatics running the House. Until now:

Facing a 30-seat deficit, Democrats have dramatically improved their odds of retaking the House since Biden’s remarks. Republicans are on the verge of formally nominating Donald Trump, a presidential candidate who remains deeply unpopular among minorities, women and younger voters — just the kind of voters Democrats need to win House seats in swing districts.

Democrats have scrambled to convince enough credible, well-funded candidates to enter key races that could flip control of the chamber — and time is fast running out to recruit more.

This is by no means a sure thing. In fact, it’s kind of a long shot. In several now-vulnerable districts, the deadline to run has already passed. In several others, finding the right candidate is an uphill battle. Thirty seats may not sound like a lot out of 434 total seats but, considering how many districts were drawn to be “safe,” it’s quite the mountain to climb in one election.

On the plus side, Donald Trump is going to run one of the worst campaigns in modern history and lose so badly that Democrats will easily pick up several seats that should have been out of reach for years. Will it be enough to take back the House? Only time will tell.

Featured image via IYON archives

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