Democrats And Hispanics Alike Have An Unexpected Champion In Trump

U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, Javier Palomarez, has said it best regarding Trump in a recent POLITICO interview.

I think the greatest thing to ever happen to the Hispanic electorate is a gentleman named Donald Trump. He has crystallized the angst and anger of the Hispanic community. I think that we can all rest assured that Hispanics can turn out in record numbers.


There you have it. Donald Trump is pulling a strange gambit by alienating an absolutely colossal voter chunk, not only from himself but from the Republican party as a whole, in his repeated and caustic attacks on Hispanic people.

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The “Trump effect” is interesting in that it is causing the entire Republican party to finally be blatant about its racism (as if it was not already) by showing in every single poll that the more racist you are, the more Republicans like you.

This is something that those in charge of the Republican party hate, but are powerless to stop. They can’t change polls, or stop them from being conducted. They can only sit by and watch helplessly as Trump’s racist spew continues to make Republicans look bad, by the fact it is making him the most popular contender out of a field that he should have no business leading in any other context.

No Republican is a good Republican–ever since Dwight Eisenhower. However, anyone can logically say that Jeb Bush or even Rand Paul should be more suited to be leading their clown car cavalcade. They are both in the toilet as far as polling goes compared to Trump, and the only thing he has done in a concrete way that they have not is be an overt racist on world-wide media.

José Calderón, president of the Hispanic Federation, had this to add:

He really is just outrageous, he’s built his entire campaign on attacking our community and really playing to the worst element of American society. In some ways, he’s helping us out, the base is energized —I think people are really eager to stand up and say this is not who we are and show that through our electoral process.


A recent Marist poll puts Trump at an absolutely abysmal 13% approval rating among Hispanics, with a 70% disapproval.

Without carrying a substantial amount of the Hispanic vote, no candidate will be able to win a presidential election no matter which party they hail from. While Trump continues to proclaim “the Hispanics love me,” the numbers do not lie. If he continues to coast into the nomination, the Republican party could be in its final death throes post November of 2016, making it an election of huge significance in American history.

Featured image: Gage Skidmore

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