Democratic Debate Wi-Fi Hilariously Trolls Republicans


Who would have thought something as simple as Wi-Fi could show the sharp contrast between Republicans and Democrats. During the boring debate in Milwaukee, Republicans hilariously thought their Wi-Fi password for the audience and those in attendance, “StopHillary,” would resonate with the crowd. They were correct.

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However, while Republicans are shaking in their boots about Clinton, the Democrats are showing the public through their Wi-Fi why they are the better choice for America’s future:

Network: 13MillionNewJobs

No Password: The Democratic Party is the party of inclusion and we believe in expanding access and opportunity for all.


Is there anymore that needs to be said? Not only are they showcasing the 13 million new jobs created under the Obama Administration, they are subtly reminding everyone of the principles they hold so dear in stark contrast to the GOP – the party of lost jobs, chicken-hawks, and…well…Kim Davis.

And why shouldn’t Democrats celebrate? The 13 million jobs created happened over the course of 65 months, the longest streak of continuous job growth on record. Not even FDR accomplished such a feat. After reaching a high of 10 percent in October 2009, the unemployment rate hit 5 percent for October 2015.

Their expansion of access most likely means their push for net neutrality, a free and open internet, also referred to as the Obamacare of the internet by Senator Ted Cruz.

So the Republicans can continuously showcase their pathetic fear of Clinton while the Democrats remind the public as to why they are the ones for the job.

While the DNC is lagging in getting their message across through the debates (or lack thereof), they certainly know how to get their message across in the most creative way.

Well played, DNC, well played. Voters, remember things even as small as this going into the election. Let this show you where each party’s priority lies.

Featured image via Gabriel Debendetti’s Twitter

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