Democrat Senator Brilliantly Destroys Republican Response To Mass Shootings In One Tweet

Every time there is a mass shooting, and there have been so many this year in America, Republicans are the first to offer “thoughts and prayers” for the victims. Is this the best we have to give? Thoughts and prayers will do nothing to comfort the victims of the latest tragedy we allowed to happen, and they will not prevent the next mass shooting we should statistically have in less than 24 hours.

We have had more mass shootings in 2015 than days have passed this year so far. Thoughts and prayers are clearly not working, but it is all Republicans are allowed to say, by the NRA. That fact should be enough to embarrass any American, especially Republican voters.

Chris Murphy, senator from Connecticut, decided that enough is enough and sent a single tweet that brilliantly laid this asinine sentiment to rest.

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Senator Murphy hits the nail directly on the head. Republican legislators, pundits, and gun lobbyists rush to talk about how they will be thinking about you if you happen to lose your life, because they allowed people to get guns who never should own one. However, the extent of how much they would think about your death is restricted to ways to exploit it for political gain. They are not thinking of ways to stop it from happening again, and they certainly are not praying for it to stop.

Senator Murphy’s sentiment was echoed by many on twitter.

I think that Scott Bixby sums it up best with the final part of his tweet. Your vote matters. Nothing could be more true. Until we progressives can show up in enough force during election time on local, state, and mid-term elections we will be stuck in this rut spinning our wheels. Democrats already are hated by the NRA, so there really isn’t anything they can do to piss them off worse than party affiliation has already done. Don’t pray. Vote!

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