Democrat Senator Blasts Wolf Blitzer For Supporting Trump’s Voter Fraud Lie (VIDEO)

It is not surprising that President-elect Trump and his imbecile supporters can’t see the difference between fear-mongering lies and reasonable, legal recourse undertaken to ensure the integrity of our electoral process, but apparently CNN host Wolf Blitzer doesn’t get it either.

Democratic senator of Delaware, Chris Coons, appeared on his show Monday to try and set the record straight, calmly (at first) stating:

“Jill Stein is taking advantage of existing state laws that allow you to request a recount within a certain period and pay for the costs. It’s perfectly reasonable.”

Coons went on to say,
“On the other hand, President-elect Trump is undermining the whole confidence that the American people have in the election by recklessly tweeting that there are millions of illegal votes that have been cast, something for which there is no credible evidence.”
Coons became visibly frustrated, however, as Blitzer kept pressing his point that there is no difference between Trump tweeting unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud with Jill Stein filing for recounts in three states, and the Clinton campaign supporting it.
In Blitzer’s words:
“If Hillary Clinton would have won, the Democrats were afraid that Donald Trump wouldn’t accept it, he would demand recounts and this would go on and on and on. So it sounds hypocritical.”
Coons tried to teach the host a bit about the democratic process:
“To be clear again, Jill Stein is taking advantage of an existing provision in law that allows you to  ask for a recount and pay for it within a certain period of time. Donald Trump is undermining the whole concept that this was a free and fair election by suggesting that literally millions of illegal votes were cast, for which there is absolutely no evidence.”

The Blitz still didn’t get it, though, countering that the Democrats “would have been adamantly opposed to it if Donald Trump had lost the election.”

Thanks for trying Senator, but apparently, Blitzer doesn’t understand the difference between lies and laws. Perhaps he should join Trump’s administration.
Watch the full interview here:
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Featured image via Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images
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