Delusional? Trump Announces He Is Responsible For McCarthy’s Withdrawal (VIDEO)

Tonight Donald Trump, who is running for the GOP nomination, claims that many are crediting him with Kevin McCarthy’s withdrawal from the race for Speaker of the House.

What part of his own anatomy he pulled this out of, is at this point, unclear. CNN’s Erin Burnette reported tonight on Donald Trump’s statement and McCarthy’s withdrawal.

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McCarthy quitjust a week after he basically admitted that the Benghazi hearings have been directly related to an effort to stop Hillary Clinton from winning the presidency. There are also rumors floating around that he had an affair, but in typical Trump fashion, it’s all thanks to him.

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Mr. Trump’s reasoning as to why “they” are giving him credit for McCarthy’s sudden move?

“Because I said you really need somebody very, very tough, and very smart!” 

It remains to be seen who the mysterious “they” is that have been giving Mr. Trump lots of credit, but you can see him make the claim, here:


Feature image via screen capture from YouTube

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