Delusional Liberty University President Advises Students To Arm Themselves To Fight Muslims (VIDEO)

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr., son of the late Jerry Falwell, a Christian televangelist who spread hate for decades, made some extremely disparaging remarks while speaking to an audience at the university on Friday. In response to the recent terror attack in California, Falwell said:

It just blows my mind when I see the president of the United States say that the answer to circumstances like that is more gun control,” he said. “If some of those people in that community center had what I’ve in my back pocket right now. . . Is it illegal to pull it out? I don’t know. I’ve always thought if more good people had concealed carry permits we could end those Muslims before they walk in and kill. . .

So does that mean to just kill Muslims? Because, that’s certainly what it sounds like “. . .End those Muslims BEFORE they walk in and kill,” yes, that is exactly what he said. Of course, hours later he replied to someone on Twitter (he couldn’t be bothered to issue an official statement) agreeing with their suggestion that he meant “Islamist Terrorists.” Of course, we wouldn’t REALLY know that was the case if someone hadn’t tweeted him, forcing a reply.

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In his statement he also encouraged the student body to get their conceal carry permit (and guns). Because, nothing screams Christianity like wielding instruments that are meant to kill people, or being motivated to acquire such a piece by your Christian University president who says “kill the Muslims.”

“Go Christians! Rah! Rah!”

I just wanted to take this opportunity to encourage all of you to get your permit. We offer a free course. Let’s teach them a lesson if they ever show up here.

Hmm, would a “free course” include details on the legality of situations where it is legal or illegal to pull one’s concealed weapon? Maybe? Because Falwell admitted he wasn’t sure. Perhaps he should attend a class as a refresher. Apparently Liberty University is having one.

Immediately after Falwell’s comments the University sent out an email to the student body telling them how to register for a conceal carry permit and inviting them to the free conceal carry permit course – which seems eerily similar to how other universities try to “get out the vote.”

WWJD? According to Jerry Falwell, he would greet Muslims at the door with his Glock cocked.

Watch Jerry Falwell Jr. tell the Liberty University student body to arm themselves against Muslims, here:

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