Delusional Draft-Dodging Coward Ted Nugent Claims He Would Make A GREAT President (VIDEO)

Everyone has an idea of what makes a good president. Some people think that Bernie Sanders would make a good president; others think Hillary Clinton. A handful think that Donald Trump would be a good president. They’re wrong, but it’s a free country so long as Trump stays away from power.

Ted Nugent seems to think he would make a great president, because he would “cleanse this country” of “subhuman freak” liberals and because he would somehow thwart the Nazis if he lived in the 1930s.

Summarizing Mein Kampf while claiming that one would fight Nazis. That’s brilliant satire. It’s a shame that Nugent is too stupid to be anything other than serious.

During an interview with everyone’s favorite conspiracy monger and tinfoil hat salesman Alex Jones, NRA board member Ted Nugent fancied himself a good president for several reasons: Because he would run on the party plank of eliminating welfare, and because he’s a big strong hero who would take on the Nazis.

Nugent told Jones he was a voice for those who claim to know the truth “about this criminal empire in the government of the United States of America” and “this freedom-hating, America-hating punk president.”

Nugent continued:

They now recognize the curse, the self-inflicted curse that is Barack Obama and the liberal Democrats who hate freedom, who hate the Constitution, who hate the Bill of Rights. They don’t believe in self-defense, they don’t believe in independence, they don’t believe in being the best that you can be, they are intentionally on a runaway freight train to weaken America and to reward the bloodsuckers while they punish the producers.

Anybody want to try to remember the last time Nugent produced anything of value?

Jones managed to come up with more colorful terms:

The Democrat leadership and their constituents now, more and more, literally hate America and have a death score to settle and want to mount our head on the wall like a trophy when this country and our forbearers gave these spoiled ass bitches everything they’ve got.

The self-importance on display is simply staggering. I wasn’t even aware that there was a “death score.” Are my fellow liberals holding out on me?

Nugent also lamented how “conflicted” our military service members feel because they apparently think exactly like Nugent does and know “that their commander-in-chief is the enemy.”

He began pleading with his listeners, saying, “if we don’t vote Republican in 2016, we will become Barack Obama’s dream and that is a suburb of Indonesia where individuality, independence and freedom is gone like a Dodo bird.”

Nugent then made the hysterical claim that millions of his fans are asking him “to run for president.” His first move as president? He would “eliminate welfare because all it is is a carrot for dopes who want free stuff.” I wasn’t aware the president had that power — because they don’t.  Of course, how the government actually works doesn’t concern Teddy.

Later in the interview, Nugent “fantasized” about being a “Jew in Nuremberg in 1938,” saying:

While the Brownshirts were hurling people onto trains, I would have figured out a way to get that Brownshirt, Nazi-punk-ass luger away from him. I would’ve shoved it up his ass and I’d touched off a clip, I would’ve got the magazine and I would’ve got all the other Jews to raise hell. Now I’m not knocking people who fell for it, but I’m telling you, don’t fall for it. Don’t get on the train

And the Brownshirts would’ve wheeled around and put a bullet in his skull before he could’ve sneezed. Because the Warsaw Rebellion happened, and it didn’t work. It’s the epitome of arrogance to think that you’re the first person to come up with that, and it’s the epitome of self-centered stupidity to assume that it’d work because you’re the one doing it.

This is what happens when people grow up thinking Die Hard is a documentary instead of a Christmas movie.

How about this: Instead of being Ted Nugent, Nazi Slayer, he’s Ted Nugent, Viet Cong Slayer? Oh, wait. He can’t. Just the thought of fighting the Viet Cong made macho man Ted Nugent sh*t himself. Literally.

Watch the interview in the video below:

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