Deja Vu All Over Again? Trump Won’t Rule Out Palin As Vice President (VIDEO)

Donald Trump joined NBC’s “Today Show” on January 20, to talk about his fresh new endorsement from Sarah Palin. During the conversation he tells host Savannah Guthrie that Palin could certainly have a role in a Trump administration.

Trump heaps praise on the half-term Alaska governor, saying that the two have known each other for “a long time,” and that he has “always liked her a lot, respected her a lot.” He also rubs the faces of the other GOP candidates in it a bit, saying that “everybody was trying to get Sarah, everybody wanted that endorsement.” It’s not clear whether that statement is 100 percent accurate — it’s hard to imagine that Jeb Bush or John Kasich was hungering for a Palin nod, but it’s pretty certain that Trump’s main rival, Ted Cruz, would have liked it.

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Guthrie asks why Trump thinks that Palin chose him over Cruz, who she has supported for some time. “I think she likes what she sees,” he responds, going over a list of his proposed policies that he believes are the reasons Palin decided to hitch her cart to his horse elephant.

Guthrie asks Trump point blank the question that has been on many people’s minds since the Palin endorsement. “Would you consider her [Palin] as your running mate?” she asks.

Trump equivocates. “I don’t think that’s something she would want to do. She’s been through that,” he replies.

Another round in the spotlight for Palin, and Trump doesn’t think she would want to do it? I thought he said he knew her well.

Guthrie presses Trump for an answer. “But see the question [is] would you consider it?”

Trump responds that he hasn’t discussed the possibility of another vice presidential run for Palin. “You wouldn’t rule her out as VP,” Guthrie observes.

Trump returns to his first answer, saying that he doesn’t think that Palin would want to do it. He goes on to say that he hasn’t thought about a VP candidate yet, saying that he has to win the primaries first. But he left a huge crack in the door for Sarah Palin as his running mate, saying that there would “be a role” for her in his administration if she wanted it.

Aw, c’mon Donald, pick Sarah as your running mate! The New York Daily News already has your campaign slogan:

via New York Daily News

via New York Daily News

Here are Trump’s remarks about the Palin endorsement and a possible Palin VP run, via “The Today Show”:

Featured image via Today Show screen capture

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