‘Deception Of The Seed’: Cruz Campaign Official Calls For Christians To Take Over Public School System

Ted Cruz is an insane theocrat, so it should surprise nobody to learn his campaign is staffed by them — including one co-chair from Virginia who believes Christians should “take over” public education in order to “stop the deception of children.”During her tenure on the Texas State Board of Education, Cynthia Dunbar

During her tenure on the Texas State Board of Education, Cynthia Dunbar bragged she tried to correct a “biblically illiterate society” — because this what happens when you let just any clown with two feet and something passing as ideas run for state boards.

Dunbar now works for “Liberty” “University,” but has recently been pitching in for Ted Cruz, assisting his campaign in Virginia. While giving a speech last week at a “ProFamily Legislative Conference” hosted by noted counterfactual historical fiction author David Barton, she claimed Christians need to get involved in education to “stop the deception of the seed.”

This is what happens when you don’t exercise your brain and it turns to mush — you can bend it in way it’s not supposed to be bent:

It’s what I call the seed policy. If you think about it, every major social issue you’re encountering as legislators actually directs back to what it talks about it in Genesis, ‘if I would put enmity between you and the seed of the woman.’ Because what happens, what is abortion? Abortion is the destruction of the seed. What is homosexuality? It is the prevention of the seed. And what is education? It is potential deception of the seed.

Education is bad, mmkay? You’re not supposed to be edjumakated. That’s for Jews communists liberals who want to poison our minds and who use blood of Christian babies to make their organic granola and Starbucks coffee.

She continued, adding:

And so when we have 88 to 90 percent, which is approximately the number of the students that are being educated within our socialized education system, effectively indoctrinating our children with our own tax dollars, guess what? We lose every other issue. We lose life, we lose marriage, we lose all of it. So I think this is the linchpin issue.

And they can’t lose all of it fast enough, because the sooner society gets turns off people like her, the better off we’ll all be.

She would go on to quote made-up statistics by fiction author David Barton — confusing “shameless huckster” and for “brilliant historian” in the process:

One of my favorite historians — brilliant, brilliant man — says that 94 percent of the quotes of the founding fathers contemporaneous to our nation’s founding were either directly or indirectly from holy scripture. We know what that means when we say ‘directly’ — they’re quoting scripture. What does it mean when we say ‘indirectly’? They were quoting men who were quoting scripture.

Except, you know, she’s repeating lies.

You can listen to Dunbar’s speech below:

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