#DebateWithBernie Live — Tweet Response To The GOP Debate Makes Conservative Hopefuls #FeelTheBern

If the primary Republican debate Thursday is still giving you indigestion, you’ll be happy to know that 2016 presidential hopeful for the Democratic nomination Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) offered a bit of relief throughout the night with his hashtag #DebateWithBernie.

At the top of the night, Sanders tweeted a picture of himself on a couch with a pen in his hand and a clipboard on his lap, and invited folks to watch the debates with him.

Though there were many opportunities over the course of the night for counter-commentary from Sanders, here are just a few: Sanders slammed Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for his Obamacare rhetoric:

Then he grabbed Florida Gov. Jeb Bush by the lapels and kissed him hard on the mouth:

After that he turned around and spanked Donald Trump like a defiant step-child that had finally, just once, said please and thank you, only to turn around and kick the dog before he could commend him for it:

Having dealt with most of the top cats on the Republican front, Sanders waxed philosophical for a moment and asked:

With such a weak showing in the debates Thursday and such a savvy politician as Sanders on the scene, these Republican clowns can #FeelTheBern already. Just listen to how Jeb Bush stumbled all over himself with nerves and fear.

Yep, it must be pretty hot in the spotlight when you know the better you do, the more likely you’ll have to face Bernie Sanders in a debate, and then where will you be?

You can read more #DebateWithBernie comments on Bernie Sanders’ Twitter page, here.

If you missed the GOP debates altogether, you can catch those in the video below, and their coverage, here.


Featured image via Twitter

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