Dear Trump: You Need A Spanking! Open Letter Nails Candidate’s Man-Child Attitude

The media seems to be revisiting Donald Trump’s entitled, and sometimes down-right mean, attitude over and over again. He is constantly whining about the media, other candidates, and anything else he doesn’t like or agree with — like women or immigration. His behavior is anything but presidential, and this open letter by Just A Mom is really just perfect!

Dear GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump,

I just watched a portion of your interview from Sunday night and I was appalled. You seriously need to be put over someone’s knee.

You are running for the highest leadership position in this country and you are carrying on like a spoiled little toddler, stomping your feet and throwing temper tantrums and hollering all over social media. Hollering things like “Stop calling me names!” “I hate you!” “You’re being mean to me!” “I’m telling my mommy!” are not things that an adult man does – those are things that a toddler does.

Here is a prime example:

“In what is now a familiar pattern, Donald Trump took to Twitter following his interview in order to trash the interviewer and whine about how the questions were supposedly stacked against him.”

There it is, that low, selfish, self-centered behavior that seems to be part of “The Donald’s” waning appeal. He attacks others with little to no provocation, and even in the absence of any actual misbehavior from those that have dealt the imaginary slights he tries to be brutal and over the top. Kind of like prison yard rules, or even more appropriately like pre-school playground rules.

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Guess what? Running this country is HARD. It isn’t for whiners. Not once have I heard President Obama whine about you running him through the ringer (SIC) about his birth certificate. Not once have I heard him whine when people in public office have disrespected him.

Not once have I heard him whine when Congress has voted against his programs simply because he is a black man and they don’t like him. Not once in almost seven years has that man whined that Fox News has said something bad about him. Not once. Let that sink in.

Trump’s litigious and precocious behaviors are not turning off the right-wing, they seem to be actually enamored of his temper tantrums. The rest of us and the rest of the world have some major questions. How can anyone claim to be presidential material when they can’t even ‘cowgirl up’ enough to handle simple questions about what you have actually done – let alone the myriad of false accusations that our POTUS has had to deal with for 7 years. Can you imagine hearing Obama say he is going to “sue the media” for being meany-heads?

I ain’t your mommy, but I am a mom. Nothing more – Just A Mom. I have a normal kid. But for a few minutes here I’m going to pretend you’re my son because you really seem to need a mom’s advice. When my kid has a temper tantrum, she gets sent to her room. When she can talk calmly to adults, she is allowed to come out and we discuss what she did wrong.

I’m thinking that maybe no one ever did that for you. No one ever said “No” to you. You never got a spanking, literally or figuratively.

As nearly all parenting experts will tell you, learning to take “no” for an answer, and learning to deal with the consequences of your actions (not just declare bankruptcy and start over) are vital parts of becoming a responsible, functional adult. Even more so when that person wants to be president, and it really appears that Trump has never, and probably won’t ever, have the simple skills that most 6-year-olds are developing already.

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