Dear Republicans: Rosa Parks Was On The Board Of Planned Parenthood

At Wednesday night’s GOP Presidential debate the question was asked to the candidates which woman should replace Alexander Hamilton on the ten dollar bill.

Their choices are as follows:

  • Rand Paul – Susan B. Anthony
  • Mike Huckabee – His wife
  • Marco Rubio – Rosa Parks
  • Ted Cruz – Rosa Parks
  • Ben Carson – His mother
  • Donald Trump – Rosa Parks
  • Jeb Bush – Margaret Thatcher??
  • Scott Walker – Clara Barton
  • Carly Fiorina – Don’t change it
  • John Kasich – Mother Teresa
  • Chris Christie – Abigail Adams

Rubio referred to Parks as “an everyday American that changed the course of history,” and Cruz called her a “a principled pioneer that helped change this country, helped remedy racial injustice, and that would be an honor that would be entirely appropriate.”

Certainly both sentiments ring absolutely true (it might have been the truest thing either of them said that evening). There is, however, one very interesting tidbit about Rosa Parks these three Republicans have overlooked…

Rosa Parks served on the national board of directors for the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

After the principled pioneer stood up for civil rights in Montgomery, Alabama, she and her husband Raymond both lost their jobs and had to relocate to Detroit. With the help of Rep. John Conyers’ congressional office, Parks and her husband founded the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development which eventually led to the job offer from Planned Parenthood. She also, for a time, served as an aid and receptionist for the Congressman, who is a Democrat.

So while Republicans spent a good chunk of time assailing and demonizing the women’s healthcare provider and the Democrats who support them, little did they know that the woman they want on our money was a member of their national efforts and also a Democrat.

This makes for a delicious piece of irony. It also shows how little in depth the Republican contenders can get.

Their sentiments, while good, show a lack of understanding on their part.

Featured Image is Public Domain via Library of Congress

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