Dear Conservatives Who Get Off By Shaming People On Food Stamps At The Supermarket

Many, many people misunderstand the term “takers” here in America. You see, people living in poverty, forced to rely on safety net programs while the CEOs of the companies they are working for, full-time, literally making more than a year’s wage for their employees in less than a day, are not takers.

It seems that asshat Conservatives like to label anyone with an EBT card as a welfare queen, mostly because of conservative propaganda that insists the money on your paycheck paid into Federal taxes actually goes to (lazy) people in poverty.

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It doesn’t.

If you make 50 thousand a year, (that’s about $24.00 an hour, you lucky bastard, you make more that 73% of Americans!) it costs you TEN CENTS A DAY for every single aspect of food stamps. (If you make less, then you are paying in less.)

A dime a day doesn’t fund just food stamps either, it covers the school lunch program and W.I.C. too:

Therefore, a married person with one child who makes $50,000 a year will pay $36.82 in taxes to ensure the food stamp program is fully funded. But wait, there is more. That $36.82 is not only for food stamps. Indeed, that money is allocated to two other programs that include the school lunch program, and the special supplemental food program for women, infants and children. Keep in mind, this comprises the totality of the costs associated with the program including administrative.

The breakdowns for how the $36.82 is allocated is not readily available, but do the math.

$36.82 divided by 365 days = 10 cents a day.

To illustrate how little we actually pay, per day, to feed all the low-income mothers, infants, school children, homeless people, seniors, disabled people and families receiving any kind of food assistance in the United States we decided to buy items that cost less than a dime.

We couldn’t.

So let’s look at it this way, to feed every person that we help with any program designed to combat hunger and malnutrition a Republican would miss out on:

One package of these, every 10 days:

food stamps snack pack

This bottle of hot sauce equals as much as their contribution to feed all of the elderly people (especially in long-term care facilities) for about 9 days:

food stamps hot sauce

They spend more on this 70 cent bag of rice than they would pay in taxes, over 7 days, which goes towards feeding every mother and child currently being helped by the WIC program.

food stamps rice week

Conservatives would have to skip one can of veggies to pay for all of the commodities purchased from Farmers who could not sell their products at market, which go to food shelves, schools, day cares, care facilities, and homeless shelters, for 6 days:

food stamps green beans, j

One of these limes pays one GOPers portion of 5 days of “yes, you can have a glass of milk,” for every child in poverty in the United States.

food stamps lime

Could they feed a family for nearly 4 days on this Cup o Noodles? N0, but their 40 cent contribution feeds all the people visiting food shelves which receive commodities.

food stamps cup o noodle

In fact, the poor republican’s “loss” of one single packet of Kool-Aid gives struggling families a little bit of breathing room for 2 and a half days. Two and a half DAYS, the pitcher of Kool-Aid doesn’t even last that long if you have kids.

food stamps kool aid,

To try to find even one thing we could buy to show the “heinous”  cost per day to poor conservatives, I reached out to Cassie, an Assistant Manager at a Kum N’ Go Truck Stop, to try to make a single purchase of less than 11 cents. “The cheapest thing we sell,” she said, “is hard candy suckers for 12 cents.”

Not a Dum-Dum sucker even, one of those plain cheap-ass, circular disks of sugar that end up cutting you and sticking to your molars. The brightly colored suckers on a paper stick that doctors used to give out to children.

How is it that these food items above are “cheap” or a “good deal for the money” but spending less than 10 cents a day to fund every aspect of every program that feeds the hungry in America is “bullshit” and “soooooo much money!” to conservatives?

The next time a conservative whines to you about lazy takers using their EBT card to feed their family, because they are paying for that, hand them a dime and tell them the truth. If the fact that they pay, literally, pocket change to assure no one dies of malnutrition in one of the richest nation in the world still bothers them, they are clearly either so broke they need theirs back, or just morally bankrupt.

Featured image via Getty Images/Spencer Platt

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