Dear America: Your ‘Squad’ Hates Your Boyfriend (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is a huge embarrassment to the United States and we all know it. We also know that the rest of the world is looking at our country like it is insane because this guy is seriously the frontrunner of a major political party. On Monday, this was on full display (on Facebook, at least) when a comedian named “Clisare” posted funny, but true, video message titled,”Dear America.” In the video, she speaks to us like she is our “squad” and wants us to know, as Ireland, that our friends hate our boyfriend, Donald.

The video starts with a sheepish “Ireland” awkwardly saying:

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We really think that Donald is not right for you. We’d hoped you’d come to this conclusion by yourself, but it’s looking like it needs to be said…um…America we all hate him. Britain, in particular, hates him. If you were gonna make it official with Donald, you can’t hang around with Britain anymore.

This is true, Britain really does hate him. So much, in fact, that a Donald Trump ban was actually debated in Parliment.

Clisare goes on to say:

I mean, he’s got really tiny hands and he’s a massive racist. And you deserve someone who is going to treat you right, all of you! You know, not just the white part of you. And I know that you’re kind of in love with his money, but he thinks a million dollars is a small loan so if you ask us that sounds like the kind of person who is just going to spend all of his money and then spend all yours.

She even talks about how the squad just got over the last disastrous relationship with George W. Bush and stresses that our group of friends just cannot handle another relationship like that.

She’s right, the rest of the world cannot handle another abusive president and neither can we. So, honestly people, the joke is over, it’s time to cut Trump loose. It isn’t funny anymore.

Watch the entire video below and see what she says about the “romantic wall”:

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