Dear A**Holes: Most Of America DOES NOT Support A ‘Muslim Ban’

Ever since Donald Trump opened his face and spewed forth the idea of a ban on Muslims a very loud minority has made itself heard supporting the idea. However, new polls, both from NBC, the Wallstreet Journal and Bloomberg, tell a very different story.

The NBC and Wallstreet Journal Poll found:

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25 percent of survey respondents support the idea [of a ban on Muslims], where as 57 percent oppose it. The results were also along party lines – 42 percent of Republicans support the idea and 36 percent oppose it, but 75 percent of Democrats and 55 percent of independents disagree with Trump’s proposed ban.

Hateful acts against Muslims are on the rise, bringing the shameful truth out that there are some here that would support eradicating an entire religion in America. The fear and hate being stoked by the radicals, conservative leadership and pundits alike have burst into flames, literally, at mosques, and, figuratively, in many other shameful ways. However, only twenty-five percent of the survey respondents would support a ban, according to the above poll.

The Bloomberg Poll was similar:

Among potential Republican voters, 28 percent opposed Trump’s idea and 64 percent favored it, but among Democratic voters, 75 percent opposed the measure and 17 percent were in favor.

Once again Americans are being shown to the world in a very negative light by our own noisy, xenophobic minority. Since 2002, most Americans, fifty-nine percent, have had a favorable view of Muslims while only twenty-nine percent had a negative opinion. So honestly, only the most intensely Islamophobic members of the conservative fundamentalist base are in favor of a fascist ban on an entire religion.

To put it simply, most of America does not support a Muslim ban, and if you do, you are most likely either a Republican or an Islamophobe –and probably an a$$hole. Muslims are people too and both deserve to be treated humanely and equally.


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