David Letterman Briefly Comes Out Of Retirement To F*ck With Trump AGAIN And It’s Hilarious (VIDEO)

Legendary former Late Show host David Letterman recently came out of retirement to poke fun at current Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump during an interview with NBC’s Tom Brokaw.

Some of you may remember last summer when Letterman joined Steve Martin and Martin Short on stage at their show in San Antonio, Texas to deliver his infamous top 10 list titled “Interesting Facts About Donald Trump.”

The comedian brutalized the billionaire on stage with a merciless monologue which respected absolutely no aspect of Trump’s personal life.

Now almost a year later Letterman was once again asked to comment on this year’s presidential race. Brokaw asked the retired comedian if he misses being on the air during “one of the wackiest, potentially dislocating election years of our lifetime?”

Letterman took a bit of a more measured and thoughtful approach to the question, but still managed to make his feelings about billionaire nominee crystal clear:

Well, I understand that he’s repugnant to people,” Letterman told Tom Brokaw in an excerpt of an interview that will air on “Dateline NBC” Sunday night. “But you tell me, the men putting together the Constitution, witnessing this election, wouldn’t they have just said, ‘Well, that’s part of the way we set it up. Good luck.’”

“There’s nothing illegal going on,” he continued. “He’s just despicable.

Interestingly enough Letterman concluded with a profound thought that may have once been comforting to millions of Americans, but from now on may send shivers down our spines:

In this very school, and in everybody’s school, you hear, ‘The great thing about America is anybody could grow up to be president,’” Letterman said. “Oh jeez, I guess that might be true.

One can’t help but wonder if Letterman’s developed a bit of bitterness toward the American people over their participation in the rise of Trump? Or perhaps he’s sending a message that this is just a part of democracy and that America can survive much worse than Trump if it needs to.

While his observations were funny, it almost seemed like the former Late Show host may have made his peace with the idea of a Trump presidency. This year there is a palpable uncertainty, and just maybe the comedian’s somewhat subdued ambivalent jokes should serve as a warning that in November the joke could be on all of us if we don’t start taking Trump more seriously.

Or then again maybe the retired comedian’s just sick of people asking him to joke about Donald Trump?

In any case, Letterman may be wise not to expect any Christmas cards from Trump this year, which probably suits him just fine.

Featured image mashup via YouTube and Getty.

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