David Duke Creates Image Of His Donald Trump Dream Team – And It’s A Who’s Who Of A**holes

Clinton’s statement on Friday has turned a lot of heads — the idea that someone might finally throw out political correctness and call the bigots and racists that have manifested around Trump what they are has shocked some and raised the hackles of others.

And then there’s those people who rush to capitalize on it, and to spin it in such a way that it’s favorable to them. In much the same way that I wear “globalist” or “statist” as a badge of honor, these fools rush to wear words like “racist” and “deplorable” as a badge of honor.

David Duke, the very image of a deplorable person, is one of them, and he created a poorly photoshopped spin on what I assume is the Expendables detailing his Trump dream team, calling them the Deplorables. And for once, I can’t help but agree with him. They are all indeed deplorable. Behold:


He tried a “Hateful Eight” joke but felt that was too self-aware.

Need proof that these tools can’t think critically? Applying the reflexive property of equality, we can conclude that if anti-racist means anti-white, then racist means white, ergo, every person who considers themselves white is a racist. That is literally what this clown is saying.

But leaving that aside, let’s take a close look at our cast. Starting on the far right, as fitting for this group, we find the poorly ‘shopped head of Hulk Hogan on some unsuspecting body. Hogan needs nor warrants an introduction.

Next to the disgraced 80s and 90s professional wrestler, we have Stephan Miller. Miller is a Trump True Believer and went from being an obscure Capitol Hill staffer to the opening act for Trump and an ideologue extraordinaire. Miller is best known for grinning like an idiot during a speech and proudly proclaiming:

“We’re going to build that wall high and we’re going to build it tall. We’re going to build that wall, and we’re going to build it out of love. We’re going to build it out of love for every family who wants to raise their kids in safety and peace … We’re building it out of love for America and Americans of all backgrounds.”

“Made with love” . . . there’s a quote from Nineteen-Eighty-Four that’s relevant here.

Next to Miller, we have Trump’s 32-year-old son, Eric Trump. Now, Eric Trump is part of the same peculiar brand of stupid his father belongs to. For instance, on Saturday, Eric Trump tweeted a photograph of a rally in Pensacola, Florida, proudly noting: “Look at the in Pensacola Florida last night! What a horrible statement.

Unfortunately, it was a photo of the wrong rally. And that’s before we get into the frankly bizarre interview he gave last month — like father, like son, indeed.

Beside Eric Trump is Jeff Sessions, a senator who at one time accused the NAACP of teaching “anti-American values” and has been accused of saying racist things. I know, it’s hard to believe a man called “amnesty’s worst enemy” by the National Review can be racist, but here we are.

Finally, we reach the ringmaster, the MC, the leader of this circus — the Muscovian Candidate himself, the one, the only, Spray-tan Hitler.

Next to the rogue Oompah-Loompah we have his son, Donald Trump, Jr. Junior is like his dad — all the political savvy of a potted plant, the critical thinking of a Commodore 64, and the personality of a room temperature bottle of yak piss.

This man trusts Alex Jones — and as I’ve noted before, Jones is one of those people who’s gotten themselves in such an epistemological tangle that you can’t just explain where they’re going wrong any more than you can just explain why a cube doesn’t have three sides or why four and orange aren’t the same letter of the alphabet.

Next to Junior, we have Stephan Bannon, the C.E.O. of Trump’s campaign. Bannon is a former executive at Brietbart, and is a hero for the MRA movement. How do I know? Because he has a domestic abuse charge. Other accomplishments include calling progressive women “dykes” and accusations of anti-Semitic remarks.

You mean Trump would bring aboard an anti-Semite and misogynist to work for his campaign? Someone fetch the smelling salts; I feel faint in disbelief.

Behind Bannon and second to last is the ever-irrelevant Ann Coulter. I’m not sure why she’s on there; it goes without saying she’s a racist and an anti-Semite, but Coulter has a love-hate relationship with Agent Orange that was rather funny to watch unfold.

I don’t think that’d earn her a spot on Trump’s team as anything other than cannon fodder, though.

Of course, this is David Duke’s fantasy team, not Trump’s. If we were going to recreate the Donald’s fantasy dream team, we’d be looking at a picture of nine human puppets, stacked like the bastard child of a Vince McManhon and a gorilla, each with Donald Trump’s face ‘shopped onto them.

And speaking of the devil, right there behind Coulter we have David Duke himself. The man who seems to think that white means racist, and who believes that “white genocide” is a TV rating.

So there we have it: David Duke’s dream team, coming soon to a TV near you. Of course, I think there might be a better TV show coming on around the same time . . . I believe it’s called something to the effect of Madam President. 

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