David Cross Demolishes The GOP, Trump And Ayn Rand In 3 Brilliant Minutes (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has given stand-up comedy a new reason for living.

David Cross is best known for his ability to make people laugh with little more than a toothy grin. He has that something special that lent such credence to epic shows like Arrested Development and HBO’s Mr. Show. His real claim to fame, however, is his work as a stand-up comedian. Cross isn’t just hilarious, he’s George Carlin activism hilarious.

No, I’m not saying that he’s George Carlin. His style is a bit more subtle and his rants not nearly as lengthy, but his message is similar. The little guy is getting the shaft. The GOP is nothing but a pissing contest for who can be more greedy and racist. People deserve a chance to shine but can’t get there because they’re too busy trying to keep their job, settling for less because there’s no other choice.

Cross is a fantastic comedian. His latest show includes three perfect minutes that reflect exactly where we’re Republicans are sitting and just how sad it is. It’s well worth the time to watch:

By the way, the Ayn Rand thing? Absolutely a true story.

Featured image via screen capture

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