Data Proves Toddlers Are More Dangerous To The American Public Than Foreign Terrorists

Every single Republican today is screaming bloody murder over the idea that evil terrorists are coming to our nation to destroy it. You would think there has been some epidemic of terrorists coming here recently and destroying our way of life. The facts though, as always, do not support Republicans.

In 2015, we had ONE Islamic Terrorist Attack. However, we have had 52 shootings conducted by toddlers.

That’s right. Our own children took our guns, shot and injured or killed us 51 more times than any Islamic terrorist has done. The one Islamic Terrorist attack happened on July 16, in Chattanooga. 5 were killed and 2 injured, not counting the attacker.

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Toddlers account for 13 self-inflicted deaths, and 2 deaths of others in 2015. They also account for 18 self-inflicted injuries and 10 injuries of others. That is 15 to 5 as far as deaths are concerned, in toddlers vs. terrorism, with toddlers coming out handily as the winner.

Now it seems, this is being addressed for the absolutely freaking absurdity that it is, and of course it takes a Democrat to do it. Senator Patty Murray wrote a letter to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, demanding we address toddler shootings with the same level of intensity that everyone wants to devote to the “war on terrorism”.

Death and injury by firearm is one of the most significant public health threats to young people in communities across our nation. […] Given these stark statistics, prevention of gun deaths and injuries should be an essential component of the federal government’s commitment to public health and safety.

In her appeal to Republicans, she pointed out that toddler shootings also occur as often if not more in rural areas as urban ones. 19 other senators signed on to the letter as well. Of course ALL of them were Democrats as well.

Researching and addressing issues like toddler firearm attacks, which is a completely insane classification that we sadly do have to define, is not easy. Republicans cut away all funding from the CDC to study gun related injury and death back in 1996. Other organizations, like Harvard’s Injury Control Research Center, avoid gun research as well due to receiving multiple death threats against faculty and the facility by Right Wing domestic American terrorists.

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