Darth Vader Beats Donald Trump In New Poll

Just in time for the new Star Wars movie premiere is a very interesting poll from The Ipsos, which surveyed 1,005 adults ages 18 and older from the United States. Without any margin or error (online polls don’t have margin or errors).

In it they found one very interesting thing: Darth Vader, handily beats Donald Trump in a general election with 27 percent of millennials supporting the Sith Lord of the Dark Side compared to 18 percent for Trump. When it came to minority voters, 26 percent supported the dark, ruthless Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet compared to 13 percent for Trump.

You know who Darth Vader doesn’t beat in a general election? Hillary Clinton. The Democratic frontrunner, in a head-to-head matchup, beats Vader 32 percent to 16 percent. Trump loves to boast how good he looks in the polls. I wonder if he’ll be so braggadocious about this.

The poll left off with a funny sentiment:

Luckily for the Presidential hopefuls, Star Wars took place a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away and none of the characters meet the Constitutional requirement of being born in the United States of America, potentially highlighting a weakness in the “birther” argument.

A stab at Trump? The fact that more Americans would choose a murderous, fascist dictator of a dark world over Donald Trump should highlight just how hated Trump really is, and it’s universal.

A recent Gallup Poll for December 8-16, found that Trump’s favorability rating among the American people is 34 percent while his unfavorable rating is 56 percent, a net negative 22 percent in favorability. This poll was based on 1,250 respondents, and actually saw an uptick from the last poll even after his controversial “ban all Muslims” comment.

So in the fantasy-world of Star Wars and the real world of American politics, the people don’t like Trump and they don’t want him running the show. When you can’t even win in fantasy, that might spell trouble for your actual candidacy.

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