Daily Show Gets Black Actor To Reenact Trump Interview Verbatim And We Can’t Stop Laughing (VIDEO)

The Daily Show decided it would be interesting to see what Donald trump’s recent trainwreck interview with the Washington Post would look like if it had been “Black Trump” making these ludicrous comments, and it ended up more than interesting, it was downright hilarious.

The original interview took place after Trump decided he was going to turn a Republican debate into a literal dick-measuring contest. This fiasco began all because former presidential candidate Marco Rubio had made the comment that The Donald had tiny hands, which he said indicated that other things were probably on the small side as well.

Since the narcissistic GOP frontrunner has obvious body image issues, this sent him into an obsessive state of rage where he just had to defend himself, by bragging about how big his penis is, on stage, at a freaking presidential debate! Because what could be classier? Or more presidential? Right?

The Daily Show used a verbatim script from the Washington Post’s interview with Trump, and well, you just have to see this one for yourself! Watch the hysterical segment here:

Featured image via video screen capture

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