Daily Derp: GOP Base Outraged Over Photoshopped Picture Of Obama Smoking A Bong (IMAGES)

Outrage over Photoshopped images is nothing new to the conservative GOP base. Outrage is what they do best.

This particular image, posted on the hate page “We The People,” depictiing the President smoking a bong is especially ridiculous.  See if you can spot why:

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The President has spoken very candidly about his early years, admitting to what he called “poor choices.” Many liberals wonder if he meant that he regretted smoking pot or if he decided to buy shwag instead of the good stuff.  The bong, while photoshopped, isn’t necessarily the most derpified piece of the picture, though.

The photo on the wall behind him, however, could be the most asinine thing ever.  Yes, if you’re wondering what that was all about, it’s a picture of genocidal Ugandan dictator Idi Amin.

As you can see from this side-by-side, the entire photo with the exception of a young Obama and the smoke, most likely from a cigarette, is a hoax.


Of course, rational people aren’t the ones attracted to this kind of nonsense:


It just goes to show that some people will believe anything they see on the internet, no matter how silly it may be.

There are plenty of other photoshops of the President, all debunked, that still make their rounds in conservative circles. They gather just as much outrage and feed the flames of hate.

This is one of my personal favorites. If you’ve ever heard the President referred to as “Barry Soetoro,” this is why:

The original, from 1994, has things like watermarks and a bar code that didn’t exist on Columbia student IDs in 1981, but that doesn’t matter, it’s on the internet. The addition of “foreign” is especially clever.

The idiocy of the Republican base never ceases to amaze me.  Unfortunately it’s that same idiocy that keeps them voting.

Featured Image: Whitehouse.gov

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