Daily Derp: Don’t Question Scott Walker’s Intelligence, Bill Gates Has No Degree

Oh this is just precious. Grasping at straws is a tactic the GOP propaganda machine is very familiar with, but this? This takes the cake.

Born of an interview with Charles Krauthammer on Fox News, the GOP base can now dispel the recent attacks on Scott Walker for dropping out of college…because Bill Gates did.

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Bret Baier broke down the entire question of why Walker left college with the statement “he went and got a job,” to which Krauthammer replied:

Student who bored with his studies with a year to go in credits, in his senior year, is offered a good job and leaves. That’s a story? That’s a dog bites man story. I mean, in fact, Bill Gates in 2007 received an honorary degree because he never got his degree.

Scott Walker is no Bill Gates. In an article by The Washington Post, his academic trials and tribulations were brought to light: Walker wasn’t the greatest of students. He was, however, impassioned about politics.

Bill Gates left Harvard to start his own company. Need I really go into detail? He received an honorary degree in 2007.

Marquette University, where Walker studied, has yet to add an honorary anything to his resumé.

Is it a big deal that Walker didn’t graduate? Not really. The platform he runs his campaign on isn’t exactly designed to appeal to a brain-trust. Science is a hoax, women should learn their place, money comes before people, the poor are to blame for everything. You know, typical GOP party-line stuff.

So why then does the propaganda machine feel the need to spend any time at all defending his decision to drop out?

Well that’s simple. It gives their base something to post on Facebook. One of my favorite targets is the page Barack Obama’s Dead Fly. (Originally they spelled ‘Barack’ with two r’s, somebody must have finally figured it out.) The derp is strong with them, and they decided to take the argument to the next level with this clever little piece of preposterous:


Let me get this straight. Walker’s education shouldn’t be called into question because the people listed above, of which Gates may be the most ridiculous example, have no college degree.

Washington was born in a time when college was uncommon, and spent the better part of his life fighting for and helping to create a brand-new nation. Lincoln studied on his own, passed the bar exam and went on to become what historians believe to be one of the most intelligent men to ever sit in the White House. Truman couldn’t afford college and went on to serve instead, eventually working his way up the ranks of the military. He ultimately put WWII to bed.

As President’s go, Walker isn’t qualified to shine these men’s shoes.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are geniuses who moved our country into one of the most prosperous economic times ever with their innovations. Without them the technological revolution would be a decade behind where it is today. Without Walker there would be one less douche to spew right-wing garbage and ruin a state’s economy.

Zuckerberg is the reason right-wing idiots have a platform to spread their lies to billions of people. Walker is a part of the lie.

Walt Disney was light-years ahead of his time in the advancement of animation, something that didn’t require formal training because it didn’t exist before him. Walker is light-years behind the times with regressive ideas that will move income inequality even further towards the complete destruction of the middle class.

Rachel Ray is a TV chef and Ellen Degeneres is an actress and comedienne.  Your point?

This whole idea is clearly designed to give the base something to argue when the topic comes up. By providing them with not only well-known figures but a good number of liberals, Republican spin-doctors can sit back and relax, knowing that in the end they can still halt the conservative world by shouting, “BENGHAZI!”

Featured Image: Charles Topher

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