Curt Schilling On Challenging Elizabeth Warren: I’m Not Worried, I’ve Beaten ‘Indians’ Before

It’s getting to the point where you can identify Trump supporters by their casual racism, and former Red Sox pitcher Curt Shilling is one of them. During a Tuesday interview, the former pitcher expressed both casual racism and confidence in his potential run against Elizabeth Warren for her U.S. Senate seat when he claimed he’s beaten “Indians” before.

And all at once we have the confluence of casual racism and the racism inherent in sports mascots. This has been an election cycle, hasn’t it?

“Real Ones”

Shilling hasn’t formally announced his bid yet because he’s waiting for his wife to approve it. But if she does, he’s going to dive right in with a zeal and zest that’s going to eclipse the zeal and zest he had when he moved his video game company in exchange for a $75 million loan guarantee from Rhode Island. He then collapsed it less than two years later, leaving the taxpayer on the hook for tens of millions of dollars.

I guess he’s at the same level of business competence as his Great White Savior, so good on him.

He also doesn’t know how to apologize. While the Democratic Governor of the state has pointed out that the collapse hurt residents and that it was a bad deal and he should apologize, Shilling told WPRO-AM that he had no idea what he should apologize for.

So don’t expect him to understand what he needs to apologize for after this interview, either.

While sitting in with the interview, Shilling announced that he had decided to run against Warren in 2018, providing his wife cleared it first:

“I’ve made my decision, I’m going to run. But I have to talk to Shonda, my wife, and ultimately it’s going to come down to how her and I feel this would affect our marriage and our kids.”

Shilling’s big complaint with Warren? That she opposed a November ballot that would drastically increase charter schools in Massachusetts. Common decency’s biggest complaint with Shilling? What came out of his mouth next, when he said he wasn’t scared to debate her:

“I’ve beaten the real ones before so I’m not worried about that.”

That’s a joke about the Cleveland Indians, presumably, who’s mascot is Chief Wahoo. The mascot is one of the many that took heat a while back when people protested a specific racist appellation applied to a football team from Washington.

The joke also implies that The Cleveland Indians are “real” indigenous peoples, where Warren isn’t. Warren’s native heritage has been a popular target for funny guys like Shilling and his lord and savior, Donald Trump, for as long as I can remember. It’s darkly ironic, given the number of white nationalists and Confederate flag waving douche hats who are all about their heritage that lined up to support Trump and get really touchy when you call that heritage what it is: racist.

But lest you think Shilling is just any insensitive ass, he was fired from his job as an ESPN baseball analyst earlier this year following comments against transgender rights he made on Facebook. So he’s not just any insensitive ass, he’s an insensitive ass with a huge mouth. Now, like any good insensitive ass with a huge mouth, he has a radio show – and he’s a writer for Breitbart.

Because if there’s any joke in this story, it’s that someone can take a writer from Breitbart seriously.

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