Crybaby Dana Loesch Has a Meltdown Over An NRA Spoof Ad–Blames Moms Demand Action (VIDEO)

Right Wing Harpy and Ammosexual, Dana Loesch, has made a career out of encouraging mothers to shoot people. That is basically all she does these days. Step 1: Buy a gun. Step 2: Find situations to use it. Step 3: Profit.

Loesch was a Democrat until the September 11th terror attacks, and ever since then she has been an irrationally hateful tea partier and gun fetishist.

Recently she appeared in a video for the NRA, explaining how mothers need to be armed to fend off intruders mutant biker gangs that constantly attack their home. The video is blatant pandering to a demographic that is more likely to have a family injury or death due to misuse of their own gun, rather from an intruder.

An individual named Tom Adelsbach took the NRA video and edited it into a spoof of Loesch somehow shooting herself. Even though the video has been removed, Loesch quickly took to twitter and blamed Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America even though they had nothing to do with it, having said so strongly by direct statements condemning it.

That hasn’t stopped Loesch from riding the publicity train on this one. She has already donated money “in the name of every anti-gun activist” to the NRA. I doubt she included everyone’s name in that list.

I’m a mom, and thats why I own guns

Every day, we use guns to defend our families

It is creepy to me, that because she has children that means she HAS to own guns, due to all the mishap shootings of kids, or by kids, who don’t understand how to use guns. The suggestion that she uses a gun every day to defend her family sounds like some Walking Dead stuff to me. Doubtful this happens as well.

The part that probably is the worst here though is how tone deaf people like Loesch and her associates are towards other people who get threatened by the right wing with gun violence every day. Moms demand action is constantly stalked by open carry people, standing in crowds with loaded assault rifles, outside of buildings where they meet. People tweet gun related violence threats against government and President Obama on a daily basis, but nobody on the right cares. One spoof video and everybody loses their minds.

Watch the original video, which is revolting in its own right, below:

Featured image via screen capture

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