#CruzSexScandal On Twitter Is The FUNNIEST Part Of Election 2016 So Far (TWEETS)

The National Enquirer published a story today alleging Ted Cruz has had affairs with at least five different women. Which led to #CruzSexScandal trending on social media. Twitter rarely disappoints in this type of scenario, and today’s response proved to be absolutely hilarious.

While The National Enquirer is not necessarily the most reputable source in journalism, they do have a history of being right when it comes to political sex scandals. Photos of the women were also published, which means they opened themselves up to lawsuits if the story proves false.

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Still, it is kind of hard to believe that five separate women, not including his wife, willingly had any sort of sexual relationship with creepy old Cruz, but hey, anything is possible when it comes to politicians getting laid I guess.

Twitter, with the hashtag #CreepyTedCruz had plenty to say about the alleged affairs, and it was all pretty damn funny.

Featured image via Twitter screen capture

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