Cruz Pulled Carson Into A Closet To Explain Why He Had To Cheat In Iowa – It Didn’t Go Well

In a real thing that happened on the campaign trail and apparently not the plot to a forgotten Saved By The Bell episode, Ted Cruz (an adult) pulled Ben Carson (also an adult) into a storage closet to try to persuade the neurosurgeon not to hate him for destroying his campaign in Iowa. Carson (an adult) stormed out of the closet, leaving Cruz (an adult) furious.

The two Republican candidates have been locked in a bitter feud after Ted Cruz intentionally spread false rumors about Carson dropping out of the race on the night of the caucus. The trick, just one of many scummy things Cruz did to win that night, all but destroyed Ben Carson’s chances of having a strong showing in the crucial first state. His campaign has never recovered. He clearly blames Cruz.

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The meeting, called by Ted Cruz in an attempt to mend fences with Ben Carson ahead of the South Carolina primary, was held on Thursday night before the Conservative Review convention. The two huddled in the unusual venue for nearly 20-25 minutes, as Carson’s Secret Service detail, stood outside, according to a Republican operative who witnessed the strange scene.

In an added twist, Carson had requested that Cruz keep the embarrassing encounter private (understandably), but Cruz’s team immediately leaked it to the press.

Carson’s campaign confirmed the meeting—which was was supposed to be short and off-the-record—and blamed the Cruz campaign for leaking the fact that it occurred in an attempt to rectify his public image.

It further confirms the much-talked about theory that Ted Cruz will do literally anything to get ahead. He’s clearly upholding his reputation as a creep.

South Carolina is likely to be the end of Carson’s campaign (he’s polling just near the gutter), and it’s obvious that Cruz is hoping to patch things up with the one-time popular candidate. After all, Carson’s base is largely the same as Cruz’s. Both men rely heavily on evangelical conservatives. An endorsement by Carson could help propel Cruz to the nomination. Instead, it appears as though Carson’s campaign slogan is about to change to “Anybody but Ted.”

Featured image via ABC News screengrab


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