Crickets Drown Out Republican Response To 2016 News That Obamacare Is More Successful Than Ever (GRAPH)

President Obama was right again. It’s only been 2016 for a few days now, and he is already winning new victories on Obamacare.

The latest in a growing chain of Obamacare success stories is from a study published in the journal Health Affairs, which completely debunks the Republican boogeyman that says full-time workers will see their hours cut so employers won’t have to provide health insurance.

The authors write that their study finds “no evidence consistent with the thesis that the ACA caused an overall increase in part-time employment in the United States.”

The probability of working 25-29 hours a week has stayed essentially flat over the last few years, even after the employer mandate went into effect in 2015. The probability of working 30-34 hours also did not decrease.

Anecdotal occurrences will still come up and be passed around by the GOP like a joint at a drum circle. However, their main scare tactic, that every full-time employee in the nation would be working fewer hours per week than Congressional Republicans, never came to pass — and it never will.

Add into this great news, the fact that the uninsured rate just keeps going down, from a high of eighteen percent in 2008 to the most recent data from 2015 at 9.2 percent. For just the 18-64-year-old demographic the news is even better. That number dropped from twenty-two percent in 2010 to 11.4 percent according to the most recent data.


Here is a bit of context, for when Republicans want to keep talking about how the “free market” will solve our health insurance problems.

At the time Medicare and Medicaid were created, the uninsured rate was just under twenty-five percent. Everything up to this point was “free market,” as there were no governmental programs to handle health insurance.


Only a few years after Medicare and Medicaid came on the scene, uninsured rates went into freefall. They fell drastically again when the programs were expanded to cover the disabled. They hovered there until 1980 when Reaganomics started the long path of destruction for the middle class in America.

Uninsured rates had a steady creep up ever since 1980, until the start of the Obama administration. After the ACA’s first enrollment period we see the sharpest drop at any point since data has been collected.

Obamacare has become a legend in its own time, and it’s a solid gold success that the president can bash Republicans over the head with from now until well into his retirement from public life.

Featured image via NHIS

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