Creeper Rudy Giuliani Grosses Everyone Out By Latching Onto Female Reporter’s Arm (VIDEO)

Despite Chris Wallace’s pleas for quiet, the debate audience couldn’t help but burst into laughter when Donald Trump claimed nobody had more respect for women than him. Coincidentally, his right-hand man Rudy Giuliani proved exactly why that’s such a joke just a few hours earlier.

During a run down to the debate, CNN’s Erin Burnett got a personal demonstration of how handsy the men in Trump’s orbit can be towards women. In a tense exchange with Trump’s number one troll Mark Cuban, Giuliani could be seen grabbing then weirdly clinging to Burnett’s forearm for nearly a full minute.

Every viewer collectively gagged.

It shouldn’t need to be said, but it is not okay to grab a woman’s arm like that to make her listen to you. It’s also not okay to then keep your arm there like a creeper. Both behaviors show a clear sign of disrespect for the woman who is currently interviewing you.

While Trump got hammered for his “nasty woman” sneer towards Hillary Clinton on stage, his prime surrogate was doing just as much damage off stage.

Ironically, Giuliani has been Trump’s biggest defender against allegations that he sexually assaulted a number of women over the years. It’s obvious that he has absolutely no credibility in this area. He’s a sleazeball who’s found himself statically clung to an even bigger sleazeball. Even in front of cameras, they can’t seem to turn it off.

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