Creed Frontman Scott Stapp Thinks He’s A CIA Operative On A Mission To Kill Obama (Audio)

One word really sums up Scott Stapp’s recent meltdown: Bizarre.

Over the past few weeks the former lead singer of the Christian rock band Creed, Scott Stapp has been publicly going bonkers during what seems to be a psychotic break, allegedly due to his abuse of drugs like crystal meth, but also because he is a long time sufferer of paranoid schizophrenia— according to relatives, and seems to be spiraling downward even further.

After Stapp was recently released from a forced 72-hour psychiatric hold, he further alarmed his wife and sister-in-law after he made claims that he was a CIA agent who was ordered to assassinate President Obama, which prompted the women to alert the authorities.

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In part of the just released 911 call, Stapp’s wife tells the operator:

Stapp’s Wife: He’s off of the drugs but he’s going crazy, and he’s on a bike but he’s not wearing a shirt. He’s got long hair. He has a bottle of pills but he’s very, very ill. I called the doctor, the psychiatrist at his treatment center, they said call the police.

911 Operator: What is he doing that you think that the police would be able to arrest him?

Stapp’s Wife: He thinks he’s part of the CIA. He thinks they are trying to kill him. And he has a bunch of paperwork in his backpack that he’s a CIA agent and he was supposed to assassinate Obama.

911 Operator: And he’s on a bike?

Stapp’s Wife: He’s on a bicycle with no shirt and two backpacks with CIA documents. He thinks he’s being trained by the CIA.

911 Operator: What else does he have in his backpack besides paperwork?

Stapp’s Wife: We believe tools, just a bunch of tools.

Luckily, they were just wrenches and screwdrivers and not Presidential assassination tools.

Stapp posted videos around the week of Thanksgiving that were equally bizarre, which showed him in front of a police station trying to file a report after his accounts were frozen by his wife. Stapp also said the IRS was trying to ruin his life because he was trashing President Obama.

Hopefully, Stapp is getting treatment for his illness but for now President Obama better watch his back before some shirtless right-wing Christian rocker rides up on bicycle and wrenches the leader of the free world to death.

Here’s the 911 call released by TMZ:

H/t: The Daily Dot | Photo: YouTube (Screenshot)


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