Crazy Texas Lawmaker Calls For Muslims To ‘Publicly Announce Allegiance to America’ (VIDEO)

January 29 was “Texas Muslim Capitol Day” in Austin, Texas, and some Texans decided to use the occasion to show how perverse their concept of “freedom” actually is.

The day, which was started in 2003 by the Texas chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, is intended as a day for Muslims around Texas, especially school children, to come to the capitol, to meet with legislators, and learn about the democratic process. According to the Texas Tribune, participants in this year’s event were greeted by a group of about 25 protesters, who were carrying signs that said things like “Radical Islam is the new Nazi,” and “Go Home and Take Obama With You.”

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One woman, in her best Kanye West style, grabbed the microphone from a participant in the Muslim event and proclaimed, “Islam will never dominate the United States and by the grace of God, it will never dominate Texas.” That woman was later identified as the same person who appeared in a YouTube video explaining that Monster energy drinks are connected to the anti-Christ.

The director of the Houston chapter of CAIR, Mustafaa Carroll, says that this year is the first time since the Muslim Capitol Day began that there have been any protests. However, he added that he is more concerned with what lawmakers think, than with the protesters, since legislators have the power to make laws affecting Muslims.

Here’s what one lawmaker, Molly White, thinks.

Believe it or not, those were not the craziest things related to Texas Muslim Capitol Day. That distinction goes to a freshman Texas state representative named Molly White. White offered this comment on Facebook:

Texas lawmaker Molly White wants Muslims to declare their loyalty to the United States.

The first question that comes to mind in this bizarre post is “Why an Israeli flag?” Doesn’t she say she wants Muslims to declare their allegiance to America? Did she think that the Israeli flag would antagonize Muslims, or does she see Israel as some sort of extension of the United States, as many conservative Christians do?

CAIR sent a letter to Texas House Speaker Joe Straus, asking whether White’s request for Muslims to declare their loyalty to America violates ethics rules. The letter asks:

Our ethics question is: Has Rep. White violated any House rules in creating such an internal office policy that is selectively being enforced to discriminate against certain religious minorities trying to meet with her or her staff? Are House members prohibited from making constituents take oaths before meeting with their elected representatives or House staff?

In what appears to be a mild rebuke to White, her Republican colleague, Straus, issued a statement, and posted the following part of that statement on his Facebook page:

Texas House Speaker responds to comment made by Molly White


According to the Texas Tribune, White issued the following statement around noon on Thursday:

I do not apologize for my comments. … If you love America, obey our laws and condemn Islamic terrorism, then I embrace you as a fellow American. If not, then I do not.

Later in the afternoon, White issued another statement, that said that she welcomed all of her constituents who wanted to come and visit her office.

White is getting her information on Islam from shady sources.

White’s Facebook page is filled with interesting posts. While she doesn’t appear to be obsessed with Islam (at least not as much as she appears to be obsessed with Ted Cruz), there are several posts about Muslims with links to dubious sites, such as Mad World News. That site ran a story last November that claimed Michelle Obama is really a man, in which the author cited an article from a satire site as “proof” of the claims.

In June, 2014, White shared a post from former Tea Party congressman Allen West about two Texas Jihadists who were arrested. In her comment accompanying that post, White says, “We must also purge Texas of all Muslim, military training camps including Imam’s [sic] who promote, assist and encourage Jihad. I plan to make that one of my top priorities as State Representative.”

In a reply on the comment thread, White indicates what she thinks of Muslims. “Muslims cannot be trusted no matter how peaceful they appear,” she says.

Here’s a report on the insanity, from KXAN:


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