Crazy Like A Fox, Ben Carson Scams America

You know it wasn’t that long ago that Republicans were in love with a little known neurosurgeon by the name of Ben Carson. Carson, who until recently was running neck and neck with GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, found his campaign in real trouble after making a string of absolutely [email protected] crazy statements, from comparing Affordable Care Act and abortion to slavery, to claiming the great Pyramids of Giza were not Egyptian tombs, but actually magnificent grain silos built by Joseph from the Bible. Carson also suffered heavy blows to his popularity after his (now debunked) confessions of a troubled childhood. In his biography “Gifted Hands” Carson revealed,

As a teenager, I would go after people with rocks, and bricks, and baseball bats, and hammers.

I guess Carson’s hands are not only gifted at saving lives with a scalpel but also just as gifted at wielding dangerous weapons in fits of psychotic rage.

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Perhaps most disturbing is the fact that Ben Carson’s polls didn’t start their downward spiral when he made public his violent past, but when new evidence came to light he was actually lying about stabbing his friend, going medieval on his peers and trying to beat his mother to death with a hammer. The fact that the lie is seen as more egregious than the actual acts of criminal violence shows just how hateful and crazed the Republican base has become this election cycle.

As the Carson campaign continues to unravel, and his poll numbers plummet into the single digits, knocking him from 2nd to 4th place in the national polls just behind Cruz and Rubio, amazingly he continues to hold the lead on campaign contributions among Republican candidates- topping out at over 50 million dollars. While some may contribute his highly lucrative fundraising to his prowess as a speaker and campaigner, many speculate there is much more going on in the Carson campaign than meets the eye.

Since May, Carson has run his Presidential campaign hand in hand with his speaking engagements and book tour. Since he announced his run for the Presidency, Carson’s book has sold over 52,000 copies and Carson has raked in upwards of a half million dollars in speaking fees alone. Carson walks a precarious tightrope between the money raised for his bid for the Presidency and his very profitable book tour. To further complicate matters, Carson’s speaking engagements are closed to the general public, so it is unclear how much campaigning is going on behind closed doors. Added is the fact his book tour websites link directly to his campaign websites, making money raised for one almost indistinguishable from the money raised for the other, a huge problem for the Federal Election Commission when it comes to reigning in campaign fraud.

As experts try to untangle this web of campaign trickery it is unclear if Carson is running for President to sell more books or is selling more books to help himself become President. Perhaps most baffling to me is why anyone would want to pay good money to watch a man speak who most often makes no sense and pulls facts from his own distorted imagination. I guess you can’t put a price on bad taste, or common sense when it comes to Carson’s many duped supporters.

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