‘Crazy Bernie’: Trump Gives Sanders A Very Mature And Presidential Nickname

If you thought the 2016 election couldn’t get any dumber, you clearly are not familiar with the childish antics of one Donald J. Trump. After Bernie Sanders won Tuesday’s West Virginia primary, Trump decided he would grace Sanders with one of his very clever and well thought out nicknames:

In the past few hours, the billionaire businessman has been unleashing an obnoxious alias assault on his Democrat opponents — the ones he calls “Crooked Hillary” and “Crazy Bernie.”

The “Crazy Bernie” one is apparently new, debuting after Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders beat front-runner Hillary Clinton in the West Virginia primary.

Trump responded to the victory in the only way he knows how: Name-calling.

The fact that Trunp’s 4th grade level antics were enough to let him take over the Republican Party should tell you everything you need to know about the state of conservative politics in America right now. After decades of Republicans pushing style over substance, emotion over education and empty slogans over serious debate, Donald Trump represents the pinnacle of right wing politics.

The sad reality is that “Crazy Bernie” will almost certainly stick with his followers because, like them, it’s simple and crude. They don’t have to think about economics and policy; they only need to hear someone tell them that they (white people) will be put back in charge of America and all of Those People will be put back into their place.

The Daily News also reports that Trump went on to Fox News for a handjob really tough interview and took “Crazy Bernie” for a test spin:

Not quite feeling his message had come through, Trump gave the new name a TV try hours later, during one of his routine softball interviews on “Fox & Friends.”

“You know, I call him Crazy Bernie because he’s not very good,” Trump blabbered.

“But probably beating him would be easier (than Clinton).”

If you’re still not sure after that, The Daily News is no fan of Trump.

If we’re all very lucky, Trump will continue acting like a 9-year-old with ADD during the general election and most of America, including a lot of Republicans, will be so embarrassed that such a buffoon is running for president that they’ll turn out by the millions to send a definitive message to The Donald: You suck! Go Away!

Featured image via Tom Pennington/Getty Images

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