Cowardly Trump Fans Are Now Using Racist Code Words To Avoid Twitter Bans (VIDEO)

This year’s presidential election has brought out trolls from under the surface of American civility much the same way a hard rain can bring out worms and other insects.

But while Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has managed to do the impossible by motivating many racist internet trolls to step out of the basement and into open daylight, there are still those who prefer to snipe at minorities anonymously in cyberspace. The best examples of this form of cyberspace terrorism are on Trump’s favorite venting forum, Twitter.

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Unfortunately for many online Alt-Right Trump trolls, over recent months Twitter has decided to bring the “Ban Hammer” down on accounts who assault people with racist language. Recently, Twitter banned unofficial Alt-Right champion Milo Yiannopoulos after he launched a racist online attack on the Twitter page of actress/comedian Leslie Jones.

But it would seem that like a mutating virus, the Alt-Right has managed to adapt their language to help shield them from the consequences of their hate speech. Here are a few examples of their racist subterfuge.

So now Alt-Right trolls refer to Jewish people as “skypes,” black people as “googles,” Asians as “bings,” and “Latinos as “yahoos.”

They also pay tribute to the entitled racist Trump genetic by-product known as Donald Trump Jr. by replacing slurs aimed at Muslims with “skittles,” a reference to Trump Jr’s infamous Skittles meme tweet in which he compared Muslim refugees to poisoned Skittles.

The trolls also attack the LGBT community with coded words, despite the fact that Yiannopoulos himself is also gay.

The Alt-Right has a nickname for virtually every non-white minority as well as those with left-leaning ideologies. So if you’re on Twitter and some moron calls you something weird like a “butterfly” or a “car salesman,” just be aware that they may not be just using random words.

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