Cowardly NRA Chief Challenges Obama To A Debate — One Week AFTER Wimping Out (VIDEO)

Last week, President Obama held a town hall meeting to answer questions about his expanded background checks. Many people showed up for the event, including American Sniper Chris Kyle’s widow, but the one group that was noticeably absent was the National Rifle Association.

The president invited the ammosexuals to the town hall, but they turned him down — proving they are incapable having grown-up conversations about common sense gun control. NRA Chief Wayne LaPierre said that he didn’t show up because he believed he was being set-up:

The president’s calculation is clear: destroy the NRA before the election so Hillary (Clinton) can destroy the second amendment after it. That’s why we won’t get suckered into any of Obama’s fixed fights.

Facts are facts, so how could he possibly have been “suckered” into a “fixed fight” if the facts were on his side? Ahhh and there is the typical “Obama and Hillary want to take our guns and destroy the Constitution” line that the NRA is so fond of saying. It gets better, though. After saying that nonsense, he challenged Obama to a debate:

But I’ll tell you what: I’ll meet you for a one-on-one one hour debate with a mutually agreed upon moderator on any network that will take it.

No pre-screened questions and no gas bag answers. Americans will judge for themselves who they trust and believe on this issue: you or the NRA. Let’s see if you’re game for a fair debate.

So, let me get this straight: He was invited to do this very thing a week ago, but he wants us to believe that he has any intention of debating the president?

Here’s how this will go: If the president says “yes,” LaPierre will come up with 101 excuses as to why he can’t follow through and then he will blame it all on Obama. I’m pretty confident it will happen exactly like this because when he was given the opportunity to voice his concerns, HE TURNED IT DOWN. If he really cared about “protecting” the Second Amendment wouldn’t he have been at the town hall and put Obama on the spot?

Of course, he would have.

I hope this happens. There is nothing I’d like to see more than President Obama ripping the NRA apart on live television.


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