Convicted GOP Felon Calls Hillary A ‘Gang Leader’ (VIDEO)

Conservative writer and convicted felon Dinesh D’Souza just doesn’t know when to quit. After pleading guilty in 2014 to violating federal election law, D’Souza has come back like nothing ever happened (you know, like any credibility he may have had being completely destroyed) and is currently on the attack against Hillary Clinton and the entire Democratic party.

D’Souza’s main vehicle for attacking the Democratic candidate is his new film Hillary’s America, a follow-up of sorts to his 2012 effort, 2016: Obama’s America. Nobody seems terribly interested in D’Souza’s effort: the movie review site Metacritic gave the film a score of “2,” with absolutely no positive reviews from any of the critics who rated it. Several reviewers graced the film with a score of “0” which makes you wonder if they would have liked to score it lower but couldn’t (By way of comparison, his 2012 production about Obama scored a “28.” And in case you’re curious, these scores are on a 100 point scale).

In a desperate attempt to get people out to the theater, D’Souza is promoting his film all over his Facebook page, which is one long multi-post advertisement. On Labor Day morning he posted a clip from an interview with alleged conservative “comedian” Steven Crowder, who would be the least funny man in America were Dennis Miller not still alive. In that clip, he makes a statement so ridiculous it might make even Donald Trump hesitate. D’Souza tells Crowder that Clinton is the leader of a “progressive gang.”

Of course, he doesn’t go into a lot of detail — D’Souza’s job isn’t to inform you, it’s to get you out to spend your hard-earned money on his hit piece. But the premise of his film is that the Democratic party are the real racists, not Trump and Republicans. D’Souza is so pathetic that he can’t even come up with something original. That claim has been floating around for a while, and it has been thoroughly and repeatedly debunked by multiple people. To make it means you have to ignore what happened to the two parties following the Civil Rights Act of 1964. But nobody ever accused D’Souza of being smart.

Democrats are a racist “gang.” And Hillary is our leader. OK, Dinesh, we got it. Call us when your five year probation on your felony conviction is complete.

At least he didn’t use the word “thug” — this time.

D'Souza Facebook post

Here’s what D’Souza had to say to Steven Crowder, via Facebook:

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