Conspiracy Theorist Benghazi ‘Truthers’ Finger Gowdy As Part Of Cover-Up

In a twist that we just couldn’t make up if we tried, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) is now the target of right-wing nutjob “Benghazi truthers.” Rep. Gowdy recently reopened investigations into Benghazi by forming a House special committee, despite several independent investigations showing no wrongdoing by the Obama administration.

Multiple investigations were not enough, however, and House Republicans have decided that they are finally going to get to the “truth.” Apparently, they haven’t been effective enough for the tastes of the “Citizen’s Committee on Benghazi,” an extreme right-wing group of citizens who have made such outrageous claims as the attack was really a “failed kidnapping plot” of Ambassador Chris Stevens. They went on to claim that the United States had “switched sides in the war on terror” in a plot that saw President Obama consorting with the Muslim Brotherhood to pin the attacks on a YouTube video.

Now, these conspiracy theorists are going even further off the deep end, and fingering the House Special Committee on Benghazi as a player in the conspiracy. WorldNetDaily, a conservative Mecca of false claims and conspiracy theories, recently spoke with members of this Citizen’s Committee on Benghazi. Its members were outraged by the way Gowdy has handled the investigation thus far, and are now convinced that he is a key player in the conspiracy to hide the “truth.”

Retired U.S. Navy Adm. James “Ace” Lyons, a founding father of this citizen’s committee, expressed his disappointment in Gowdy while talking with WND:

Let’s say it clearly. This is a continued cover-up. You have to take the wraps off and you have to go for the jugular. Is Gowdy so incapable and ineffective that he can’t boss these agency heads to comply with Congress’ mandate? Is he that ineffective? If Gowdy isn’t the man for the job because he’s being thwarted by some government bureaucrat that stonewalls Congress, then maybe we were wrong to be enthusiastic about Gowdy in the first place.

Another founding member of the citizen’s committee and editor of Accuracy in Media, Roger Aronoff, was on the exact same page as Lyons:

Gowdy has subpoena powers. So, why doesn’t Gowdy subpoena Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice to testify before the select committee in person? I guess it’s a positive sign that we learn Gowdy and the select committee staff have been meeting with State Department recently, but if nothing comes of it, then it’s obviously for naught. Gowdy needs to be aggressive and the select committee needs to get this job done.

So, since Gowdy and the House Select Committee on Benghazi haven’t been able to back up their outlandish conspiracy theories, and I will remind you that not a single investigation has, they are obviously part of a much larger cover-up. If it wasn’t costing taxpayers so much money, I’d recommend grabbing some popcorn and watching these fools crucify their own.

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