Conservatives Try To Paint Harriet Tubman As A ‘Gun-Loving, Revolutionary Republican’ (SCREENSHOTS)

Ahhhh Republicans…..they are a special kind of stupid, aren’t they? In their latest act of dumbf*ckery, they have decided to paint abolitionist Harriet Tubman as a gun-loving conservative who hated the federal government and is just like the current Republican Party. Seriously. They are really doing this.

On Thursday, Fox News’ official Facebook page posted this meme:

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The “news” site asked their fans what they think about Harriet Tubman replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill and that’s when their supporters went completely off the rails and claimed Tubman was just like them:

It wasn’t just Fox News fans who are trying to claim Tubman as one of their own — the conservative media is doing it as well., a right-wing website, published an article titled,“Obama administration says pro-gun Republican Harriet Tubman to grace the $20 bill.” Another conservative website published and article titled,”New $20 Bill to Feature Gun-Toting Republican Harriet Tubman” and finally, former Congressman Allen West published an article claiming the same thing,“Breaking: PRO-GUN REPUBLICAN to replace Andrew Jackson on $20 bill.”

Ahhhh what a tangled web of half-truths they are weaving.

It is true that Harriet Tubman carried a gun and it is true that she was a Republican. However, she was hardly the kind of right-wing ammosexual they are claiming she is. Tubman did not carry a firearm because it was “cool.” She carried a gun because racist conservatives wanted to murder her. She carried a gun because she was helping families flee the oppressive South and the Confederacy. The same Confederacy that the GOP loves so much.

And yeah, she was a Republican but what they failed to mention (as they always do) is that the Republican Party of Harriet Tubman’s days is not the GOP of 2016. Southern Democrats were so pissed off about the Civil Rights movement that they left the Democratic Party en masse and joined the Republican Party. It was all part of the Southern Strategy that they love to pretend never happened but can’t quite explain why they are no longer Democrats without talking about it.

The only reason the right is pushing this narrative is that they can oppose Tubman’s picture going on the $20 bill without looking like the vapid racists that they are.

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