Conservatives Lose Their Minds After Hillary Reminds Rally That Trump Kids Like Killing Elephants

Animal rights protestors disrupted a Hillary Clinton rally Thursday in Las Vegas. Apparently, the wife of a vegan and sponsor of a program that seeks to protect elephants from poachers is worse than pro-big game hunting Trump. Hillary paused for a moment, then quipped that they should be protesting Donald Trump since “his kids have killed a lot of animals.”

Clinton is referring to Uday and Qusay Trump, pointlessly killing elephants and leopards for no other reason than to show the world what total d-bags they are. Here’s the image of the two entitled sociopaths posing with their slain big game:


Their even bigger sociopathic father gladly defended the gruesome twosome.

Not surprisingly, conservatives got their panties in a bunch over Hillary pointing out this obvious fact.

First up is folksy Christofascist and failed 2016 GOP Candidate Mike Huckabee. For whatever reason, Huckabee thinks that eating steak is equivalent to senselessly murdering endangered wildlife.


Other conservative twitter users chimed in as well.

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It should be noted that Hillary Clinton teamed up with her daughter Chelsea to help preserve the African elephant population with a generous $80 million effort. It has been a passion since her time as First Lady. Is Hillary Peter Singer? Certainly not. However,  Trump and his evil spawn are gleefully killing elephants and other big game for sport.

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