Conservatives Go Full-Bigot Over Photo of Obama Wearing a Tiara To Make Kids Laugh (SCREENSHOTS)

As always, conservatives have found a way to take something awesome President Obama has done…and convert it into an opportunity to spew moronic hatred at the leader of the free world.

This time, the topic was the President donning a tiara and posing with a group of adorable Brownies.

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via The Blaze

via The Blaze

According to Glenn Beck’s pathetic repository of fabrications known as The Blaze, President Obama “broke one of his own major rules of the Presidency”:

He said it himself: “You don’t put stuff on your head if you’re president.”

But President Barack Obama broke his own rule, as evidenced by this just-released photo from White House photographer Pete Souza.

Yes, that’s the commander in chief in a tiara, courtesy of some Girl Scouts.

Of course, the President was referencing trying on a custom-fitted football helmet rather than being willing to look just a little bit silly for the sake of making children happy.

The rabid readers of Blazetown, however, leaped at the chance to denigrate the President:

12-26-2014 5-12-50 PM 12-26-2014 5-26-25 PM 12-26-2014 5-22-42 PM 12-26-2014 5-22-22 PM 12-26-2014 5-22-01 PM 12-26-2014 5-21-00 PM 12-26-2014 5-20-37 PM 12-26-2014 5-18-31 PM 12-26-2014 5-17-52 PM 12-26-2014 5-16-19 PM 12-26-2014 5-15-41 PM 12-26-2014 5-14-48 PM 12-26-2014 5-13-52 PMOnly conservatives can take a sweet photo of President Obama posing with children and allow it to become a massive hatefest — and no one does that better than the audience of The Blaze.

Will conservatives ever express a legitimate complaint about the President?  We’ll wait.

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