Conservatives Freak Out After Learning ‘American Sniper’ Star Bradley Cooper Is A Liberal

Movie tough guys always appeal to Republicans. And most of them are also Republicans themselves. John Wayne was a Republican. So is Clint Eastwood, although he looks more senile than tough after talking to an empty chair at the 2012 RNC. Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal, the list goes on and on — all Republicans. So naturally when actor Bradley Cooper was cast in the role of right-wing hero Chris Kyle for the movie American Sniper, conservatives immediately concluded that he was one of them. Then came the moment that burst their bubble: Bradley Cooper was spotted at the Democratic National Convention. Cue right-wing outrage in 5… 4… 3…

A camera shot of the convention crowd showed Cooper sitting next to his girlfriend Irina Shayk as they listened to vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine speak. At Cooper’s right is an unidentified man who appears to be Alan Robert Murray, who won an Academy Award for his sound work on American Sniper. He has a Hillary button displayed prominently on his lapel. Conservative Twitter lit up like a Christmas tree.

Nat Shupe immediately proclaimed his disgust with Cooper, who in his opinion isn’t just a Democrat, but a “socialist.”

It was very quickly pointed out to him that he will be spending a lot of lonely nights at home if he doesn’t want to watch movies made by Democrats.

And one response tried to sooth poor Nat’s anger by pointing out that Cooper is from Philly. So, you know, maybe he just stopped by the Wells Fargo Center to see what was going on? Unlikely, but worth a shot!

A user by the name of David O’Neill channelled Tony Soprano.

The responses he got to that were largely similar to those posted on Nat Shupe’s tweet.

Yes, Bradley Cooper is from Philadelphia, as “Kuato” pointed out. But he is apparently a longtime Hillary Clinton supporter. According to the New York Daily News, Cooper donated to her 2000 senate campaign. The Daily News also says that Cooper has appeared regularly at White House events during President Obama’s term, and (grab your heads to keep them from exploding, righties) he signed a letter to the president thanking him for his efforts on gun control.

Sorry conservatives, John Wayne wasn’t really Rooster Cogburn, Clint Eastwood didn’t actually own an orangutan, and Bradley Cooper isn’t Chris Kyle. Just go to the theater and keep repeating “It’s only a movie, it’s only a movie…”

Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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