Conservatives Defend Duggars By Blaming Black People And Bill Clinton (IMAGES)

The Fox News interview with the Duggars was worse than most people had even imagined.

Fox’s Megyn Kelly asked only softball questions, yet somehow, still, the Duggars revealed themselves. Their defense of the indefensible was beyond reprehensible. Supposedly, Josh “only” touched his sisters over the clothes while they were sleeping, except for the few times it was under the clothes and the girls were awake.

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The only thing possibly worse is conservatives’ defense of the Duggars – which in many cases means attacking *um* Bill Clinton, gay people, Hillary Clinton, and black people.

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The same commenter said Hillary is worse and well, one out of 19 isn’t bad.

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You probably get the best idea from these two Facebook posts on Fox Nation.

Most defend the Duggars while calling Caitlyn Jenner “vile” or worse, simply for being who she is.

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Posted by The FOX Nation

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Posted by The FOX Nation on Thursday, June 4, 2015

It’s become pretty clear where Republican priorities lie and it’s certainly not with family values.

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